Tutto Color

Tutto Color

Brand: TUTTO

Type: Hair Color

Hair Type: All Hair

Our full line of professional color.

Tutto Hair Color is enriched with Fruit Acids, which provides protection and long lasting results. Milk Proteins are one part of the dynamic duo used to penetrate hair easily and rebuild it during the coloring process as well as an excellent anti-irritant to the scalp. Silk proteins, the second part of our duo, actually reconstructs hair and gives it amazing shine. Grape seed extract, stronger than vitamin E and C, has allergen and anti-oxidant properties that assist in oxidation controlled environments for safe, uniform and reliable color performance. This color has been specifically formulated with these proteins and essential fatty acids to leave “Tutto” hair looking healthy and full of shine. All these shades can be mixed together to create an infinite range of colors. Tutto’s base has both protein and moisturizers in it, allowing it to work perfectly on both straight and curly hair!

Tutto Hair Color is uniquely manufactured in a vacuum system, resulting in a fine micro-emulsion cream that has not been exposed to air and remains stable. Even after the tube is opened, Tutto guarantees fresh color every time. It has twice the amount of pigment than the average competitive color line, resulting in superior depth of color.

Tutto is a multiple use hair color line. Permanent, Demi-Permanent, Semi-Permanent, Toners and Fillers keep this a low inventory line. Tutto is the Italian word for ALL.